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Dragon Fire and Phoenix Ash

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Dragon Fire and Phoenix Ash

by Mina Carter and J Thompson 

Alone. Caged. Her only freedom will be in death...

Captured as a chick, Sula can barely remember life outside her cage. Her tears, feathers and blood have been stolen until she's a pale shadow of the Phoenix she's meant to be. She prays for the sweet release of death, expecting it when her owner's warehouse is attacked.

What she doesn't expect is the big male with the midnight eyes who rescues her, taking her home thinking she's a pet bird, or her reaction to his gentle touch and the scent of his dragon. After so many years, can she trust another... and reveal the truth about herself in the process?

A dragon on a mission, he'll stop at nothing to destroy the slavers plaguing shifter society...


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Soulmate Novels - Soulkiss

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Ebony | Book I of the Trinity Series

One sister born of pain
One sister born of blood
One sister born of death

3 sisters bound
Wiccan and vampire
3 sisters found
To join an empire
A prophecy of three
So let it be.

Ebony’s life varied from minor inconvenience to total disaster, and she never caught a break. From a young age, she was passed through foster families, none of them really wanting to take or her unusual health issues full time....

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Dark Confusion by J Thompson

Dark Confusion | A Dark Desire Novella

He had failed.

Callum was one of the best warriors the enforcers had in their ranks, only he felt like a failure. He had failed to protect the one thing that was more important than his own life. She had been taken from him and now he couldn’t find her, and he feared the worst. But he wouldn’t give up, not when his heart told him she was still alive. He would never give up until he found her, no matter how lost she may seem.

Helena was lost.

Lost to her own mind and to her soul. Since that fateful night she has felt torn, split in half, searching for a way out and the one thing that will complete her and make her feel whole again. Her only problem: she doesn’t know what is real or a figment of her imagination. Memories and deep, dark fantasies have merged, making her existence seem like a cruel joke. Can Helena fight the demons within herself? Can she free herself from the prison that is her mind?

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Soulmate Novels - Soulkiss

Soulkiss | Book I of the Soulmate Series

It all started with a dream. He was handsome , sexy and had a body to die for. 
He swept Arianna off of her feet with his charm and made her feel loved, cherished and protected. 

Only one problem He wasn’t real This man, this oh so perfect man didn’t exist, he was but a figment of Arianna’s over active imagination, a culmination of her day dreams and deepest fantasies. Or was he… 

A double date soon turns to disaster, starting a chain of events that’s thrusts Arianna into a world so different from her own, testing her courage, her heart and her soul.

But is she strong enough to battle through and save the soul destined for her.

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Soulmate Novels - Soulfate

Soulfate | Book II of the Soulmate Series

She never saw him coming

The life of the party and date queen extraordinaire, Sonia watches as her best friend finally finds love with her destined soulmate. Although overjoyed for her friend she starts to feel the emptiness of her chosen lifestyle. A new project at the museum drags her attention and sets it onto an ancient mosaic. The larger than life warrior depicted increases Sonia’s want for a change in her life and someone to share it. But can she handle the emotions that are released when stone comes to life.

He should kill her, not protect her
Trapped by a vengeful god Cosmos is destined to fight forever against the beasts of the underworld. Until the blood of the long lost oracle frees him from his purgatory and unleashes hell on to the mortal world. Can he make the ultimate sacrifice and destroy the oracle or will he submit to his desires and wants and stand against the gods to save her.

They must make their choice, in order to save the world as they know it.
Thrust together by fate and the goddess of love. Con Sonia and Cosmos go against all odds, trust each other and finally admit what love had planned all along.
That Soulmates destined will always find each other.

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Soulmate Novels - Souldeath

Souldeath | Book III of the Soulmate Series

All of her life Andromeda has felt like she was outside looking in. With only a few friends and a mother who is a sandwich short of a picnic she feels she can do little else but bury herself in her work. 

Dreams of different lives fill the void until a commission brings with it a tall dark stranger with eyes like the midnight sky, he enters her life and pierces her soul. Bringing with it a hunger that scares her but also excites her.

Hades Lord and God of the Underworld has watched over the realm of Elyssia since his creation. He has spent his long lonely existence watching over the souls that enter his realm. 

Cashing in on a favor owed to him by love can the dark prince of Olympus find his happy ever after or will fate see to it that Gods cant have love like the mortals can. 

Warning…forget what you know about the Greek myths and legends, forget what you’ve read in the history books for its fate that decides who wins and who loses.

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Soulmate Novels - Soulkiss

Exercise in Love

**Previously part of the "From the Heart" Valentines Anthology- Exercise in Love has been extended and revamped for Solo release***

Carly was fed up with life, it had been 5 years since she lost her family and she had dealt with it in the only way she knew how-food. Overweight, single and with a dead end job she hated, her only light in the darkness was her best friend Robyn. A forced night out for her birthday makes Carly see the world she’s been missing but also brings with it a realization that she can’t continue on the same path. Finding the strength inside she takes that first step to change. 

Andy had been plodding along burying himself in his work, until Carly erupts into his life bringing back his love for his job and making him see what has been missing from his own life. Charmed instantly by her determined attitude, innocent spirit and hypnotised by her stunning green eyes he agrees to take her on and help her on her journey not realising shes helping him on his own at the same time. 

Can Carly get over her own insecurities and accept love or will her old demons win

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Soulmate Novels - Soulfate

Cupids Essence

Belinda Adams is your stereotypical librarian, tiny swotty glasses and perfectly straight pin stripe pencil skirt.

At twenty-eight, her only excitement comes from the books she adores and her strange hobby of collecting vintage perfume bottles.
Each one has pulled at her, teasing her with a depth shes always felt she needs to explore.

With a non-existent love life she is well on her way to spinsterhood. Hell, she may as well get a cat. Until…

A weekend trip to an antiques fair and a chance meeting with a stranger ends with her taking home a unique bottle called “Cupids Essence”.
With a warning echoing in her mind, she takes it home, not expecting her life to be turned on its head.

It wasn’t her fault she didn’t believe the warning, didn’t believe in myths. 
It wasn't her fault that she didn't believe in Cupid himself.

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