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Dragon Fire and Phoenix Ash

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Dragon Fire and Phoenix Ash

by Mina Carter and J Thompson 

Alone. Caged. Her only freedom will be in death...

Captured as a chick, Sula can barely remember life outside her cage. Her tears, feathers and blood have been stolen until she's a pale shadow of the Phoenix she's meant to be. She prays for the sweet release of death, expecting it when her owner's warehouse is attacked.

What she doesn't expect is the big male with the midnight eyes who rescues her, taking her home thinking she's a pet bird, or her reaction to his gentle touch and the scent of his dragon. After so many years, can she trust another... and reveal the truth about herself in the process?

A dragon on a mission, he'll stop at nothing to destroy the slavers plaguing shifter society...

And they don't come more in need than the little bird Damian discovers huddled in a box on his latest mission. A black dragon, he's responsible for the protection of dragonkind and by extension, all shifters, and he hates those who trade in paranormal artefacts with a passion.

He's never taken any of them home, but the wide, golden eyes of the little bird hit him on a soul-deep level. The need to care for her and nurse her back to health overwhelm both him and his dragon, a need he doesn't understand until he finds a naked woman in his kitchen. A naked woman with very familiar golden eyes...

But Sula's masters haven't given up on the profit she'll bring them and they track her down to Damian's apartment. When they take her, can he get to her in time, or will he lose his fated mate before they have a chance at their happily ever after?


by Jane Stahl

What an amazing story! While the white dragon Queen is on her honeymoon,  the black dragons are  searching for and destroying the shifters who are using and abusing other shifters for profit. Little did Damian know who or what he would find along the way! Loved it!

by Theresa Malcarne

First time for this author. I was very happy with the book. The story line was fast pace enough to keep the interests there.  I would have no problem with reading another one of he books.  I would recommend this book to others.

by Alexialee Kronolis

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